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Quick Facts

- A patient's likelihood of finding a matching bone marrow donor on the registry depends on ethnic background. Leukemia does not discriminate. It can affect anyone of any ethnic background, which is why diversity in the registry is so important.
- Research shows that cells from younger donors (18 - 40 yrs old) lead to more successfully transplants. Multiracial candidates have less than 19% chance of finding a match. KC is half Mexican and half Filipina so individuals with a similar background are highly encouraged to register as their odds to match are greater.
- If matched, donors will either donate in one of two processes. The most common process is similar to the process of donating platelets/blood. The other process is a 15% chance that the doctor will recommend the donation collected via minor hip surgery.
- It does not cost anything to register, to be on the registry or to be a donor. The swab test is FREE & Be the Match covers all travel, meal and hotel costs for donors and one companion. It'll only cost you your time.

How can i help?

Join Team KC & join the Be the Match Registry
After you register, you'll receive a FREE oral swab kit in the mail, which you'll complete and mail back to the registry for further testing to determine if you are HLA type match for KC. Even if you do not match with KC, there may be someone out there that you can match with. There is currently a 6-year old boy in Alaska who was also diagnosed with AML and does not match with the 39 million people already on registries around the world.
Share KC's Story
Please consider joining and sharing this information with anyone you believe would be eligible and interested in helping out! The cure for someone with leukemia, like KC, could literally be you! Learning more about Leukemia will help you share the story.

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